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What happened on the platform, among bloggers? It’s been a while since we’ve reviewed the remarkable posts from the Regions Job blogs. And yet, there have been many quality articles. So let’s fix this error with an overview of recent news from the platform’s job blogs. Job blog review To start, spotlight on Véronique’s blog: CAP cuisine et innovation. It is a retraining diary, in which the author explains her first steps in this world which is very different from her original professional environment! Exciting. With Bernard, it’s quite the opposite with this observation: habit leads us into a routine despite ourselves, which ends up curbing our creativity. Solutions to get out of it? Jessyca offers us to start the year 2012 by changing our way of thinking, precisely. And Patrick, after a successful retraining, continues to train on his own by learning English.

What Happened on the Platform


The days of a job seeker are busy, as Cindy explains to us, telling us about her daily life. Good ideas to pick up! Excellent advice also from Stéphane, who focuses on Kenya Phone Number the loneliness of the job seeker. He offers us avenues, which he himself followed, to break this isolation and avoid a drop in morale. As for him, Fagus parodies the multitude of sometimes contradictory advice that is delivered when looking for a job. Well seen : ) The bloggers are talented: you will be able to admire the works of Tony, who will be exhibiting his press cartoons in Paris until January 31. The exhibition focuses on the year 2011: it promises! Congratulations also to Catherine, winner of the Force Femmes competition, which rewards women entrepreneurs. Well done again.

The Days of a Job Seeker Are Busy

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In another register, congratulations also to Franck who celebrates his 4 years of blogging on the Regions Job platform! On the professional side, Sylviane alerts us to the psychosocial risks that can arise in the event of an ethical conflict in her profession. Because suffering at work can also emerge when you are no longer in agreement with what you are doing. Very interesting ! Pierre-Antoine, meanwhile, explores the different facets of his profession by drawing a parallel with… football. For his part, Eric provides a list of useful vocabulary in his field, commerce. We are also interested in social media on the platform! Véronique, in a very good background post, wonders about the existence of the digital divide. And Holger wonders if social networks don’t destroy more links than they create… As for Grégoire, he explains why using Facebook to enhance its content.

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