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Among them, the depth is user stickiness. And the Sri Lanka Phone Number repurchase rate and conversion. Rate of social e-commerce is much higher than that of traditional e-commerce. According to the latest data report of renren e-commerce, the overall buyer. Repurchase rate of social e-commerce. Is more than 30% higher than that Sri Lanka Phone Number of traditional e-commerce, and. The transaction conversion rate of new customers is over 50%. The width is mainly manifested as “decentralization. And through the rapid fission of the speed. And scope of the transmission, it develops into. Many small centers of mesh nodes of different sizes, and finally forms an infinite “center reconstruction” social sharing network.

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Possibilities brought by social networking. And e-commerce are infinite. For small and medium-sized businesses, they can establish their own Sri Lanka Phone Number brand fan networks. According to the characteristics and rules of social network information, and realize many functions such as word-of-mouth. Transmission, independent sales, and precise promotion. In traditional e-commerce, this function. Cannot be achieved. Traditional  Sri Lanka Phone Number  -commerce seems to break the boundaries of space and reduc. Communication costs. In fact, on the other hand, e-commerce brings precisely the distance and. Estrangement between brands and consumers that cannot be eliminated. At in the us, which sells baby. Products, owner jacquelyn myers highlights.

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Sri Lanka Phone Number

Products on her facebook storefront and offers great. Discounts and incentive programs on her facebook page. Got a very good effect. Miles says: “it’s very easy to get Sri Lanka Phone Number my customers to this way. They can quickly see what they can buy on ustomers. Can also click on products to learn more. .” in the era of traditional Sri Lanka Phone Number e-commerce, every brand, no matter. What your category is, no matter what size you are, no matter what your reputation is, consumers can enjoy. The information that they browse. The most products in the shortest time, but for the brand. They have lost time and again with opportunities for in-depth communication with consumers.

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