Regionsjob Christmas Competition: a Trip to Win!

Christmas is fast approaching, and we are celebrating it a little early this year! For the occasion, and to increase your chances of getting a nice gift under the tree, Regions Job is organizing a contest. To be won: a trip for two to Europe. Here’s something to start the new year on the right track… The icing on the cake is that you choose your destination, among 11 European cities. Will you go to Rome, London, Venice, Florence, Seville, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Lisbon, Prague, Budapest or Vienna? Christmas contest To enter our contest and try to win this trip, go to the Christmas contest tab of the Regions Job Facebook page , become a fan if you haven’t yet, and answer the three quiz questions. To increase your chances of winning, you can play again until you have all the right answers…

Christmas Is Fast Approaching


Are you correct? Your participation will be validated and a draw will designate the winner of the trip. You have until December 18 to participate! Good Senegal Phone Number luck everyone, and Merry Christmas. Today is Black Friday in the United States. Worse than the sales, it is the flagship day of excessive consumption. It traditionally takes place on the first Friday after Thanksgiving and signals the start of Christmas shopping. The majority of stores then open very early to allow consumers to raid promotions. Geeks are particularly attentive to promotions in Apple stores during Black Friday, even in France. iPad 2, Mac Books and other accessories are then offered with small discounts (we’re staying at Apple, let’s not exaggerate).

To Enter Our Contest

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Senegal Phone Number List


And as for all these ultra-marketed days, original advertisements are appearing, like this one unearthed by Gonzague featuring Justin Bieber for Macy’s stores. There are of course critics of this overconsumption. As opposed to Black Friday, we then speak of White Friday. Visually summarized the financial aspects of the day and highlighted them with what could be done with that money. No less than 45 billion dollars will be spent in the USA today! That’s enough to provide drinking water to a billion people, to enable education for all in 2015 (primary cycle), to feed 100 million children for a year, to save 3,000 children a day from Malaria AND to finance 5 million micro-enterprises… Take a step back, you said? Please note, the world day without purchases will take place tomorrow. In view of the expected expenses today, this should work rather well.

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