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Faced with these data, the online media achieve a much more optimistic reality. It is not that online advertising does not have problems with viewing. Or with respect to advertising. It does and previous studies have already pointed out its weak points. But it cannot be said that advertisements are broadcast to an empty room. If an ad is being served. There will be a consumer on the other end. That is what a magna study has just shown. Which has analyzed the consumption patterns of online. Ads based on a us sample of internet users.

With this, he wanted to determine if consumers. Are present when the ads are broadcast on the network or if. As with tv, there is a high Uae phone number of ’empty room’. Their conclusions make it clear that the latter does not occur. There are no empty rooms according to their data. 99% of people are present when online video ads appear. This is what the analysis of the viewing patterns. Of the video ads that are served to them by. Different screens and starting from the first second of broadcast says.

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If the fork is opened and more than six seconds, of viewing are taken into account, the data changes, but not in a particularly brutal way. In that case, the percentage drops to 94%. The studio has taken it for granted to be right, in front of the screen or at a distance that makes the contents visible. To this we must add, as a particularly striking statistic, the data achieved by display ads on mobile devices. The presence of a person on the other side of the screen is 100%.

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Returning to video advertising, the ads that achieve, the best data are those that are served in pre-roll, when the presence is 99.5%. Those served in mid-roll are positioned at 97.1%. The mid-roll ads activate, the study points out, the same mechanisms that activate tv commercials, it is the moment in which we do something else. Of course, those responsible for the study explain. That they have measured our presence against advertising. But that does not mean that the ads are capturing our full attention. “We’ve focused on one piece of visibility. Which doesn’t equal attention,” says kara manatt, a vice president at magna.

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The attention depends on the creativity and how the ad has been developed. Datacentric databases of companies no. 1 in the market updated data of more than 3,900,000 million companies and professionals. Access nowudima distance university of madrid degree in marketing to train marketing specialists with scientific training and research skills datacentric databases of companies no. 1 in the market updated data of more than 3,900,000 million companies and professionals. Access now with the outbreak of the coronavirus crisis, companies and brands had to readjust their advertising plans and also change what they were doing and how.

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