Practical Guide to Digital Identity

As you probably already know, our aliaz service dedicated to managing your digital identity has been released! If you haven’t tested it yet, now is the time to create your virtual business card. To support Internet users registered on the site. And before other new features that should arrive in the coming months. We have just published a guide to digital identity. Because if Internet addicts know the subject very well, this is not (yet) the case for the general public. Facebook’s privacy settings can be a real headache.

As well as the real interest of professional social networks: what can be done about it? And let’s not even touch on the case of Twitter. Which remains a mystery to many. To shed light on these questions. This guide examines the concept of digital identity, its interest, the issues related to it… It also takes a closer look at the main social networks and offers a reading grid to better understand them: principle, interest, best practices and mistakes to avoid. And finally, it offers practical tips for cleaning up your account but also for properly adjusting your privacy settings on Facebook.

As You Probably Already Know


Happy reading, don’t hesitate to give us feedback! Aliaz Digital Identity Guide View more documents from Regions Job Interested in digital identity? Do not hesitate Saudi Arabia phone number list to take a look at the ebook that we have devoted to the subject. A new debate of the month is launched! After the work/personal life balance and digital identity , the subject that will interest us in the coming weeks is the professional integration of young graduates. Finding your first job is not always easy.

For this reason, we will therefore offer you articles and expert advice, good business practices, as well as testimonials to better understand this subject.

To Shed Light on These Questions

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Saudi Arabia phone number list


Debate of the month logo Of course, as for each debate of the month, everyone has the opportunity to express themselves, whether on our Facebook page , on your blog if you have one. Don’t hesitate to make your contribution! If you want to write an article, you can contact me . Good debate of the month to all! Contributions already published .or young graduate? Choose your side : Pierre-explains how he managed to create his own community manager position when he was a young graduate.

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