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If consumers are clear about one thing, it is that they are rather fed up with advertising. Ads have saturated them at all levels and across all channels and are widely rejected by consumers. The movements they are making make it clear. They have migrated to the consumption of streaming content instead of watching traditional linear television, for many reasons, true, but also because this content does not have advertising. They have begun to show rejection of advertising on the network, activating systems that block ads or loudly showing that they are fed up with being chased by ads.

And so one question after another. Advertisers are therefore faced with a scenario in which the recipients of their messages are less and less willing to receive them and also a market in which it is increasingly difficult to attract Argentina phone number attention, to stand out from the messages of the competition. Although consumers are tired of advertising, brands and companies still need it. Ads are still one of the main ways they have to reach their consumers and to position themselves in front of them. In addition, you not only have to fight against the rejection generated by the ads in general and against the messages that your competitors launch in a specific way.

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As consumers are surrounded by more and more noise and receive more and more information, brands have to find what will make them stand out and not get lost in the background noise. They must locate what will make them stand out, something that is far from easy. What can be the key to position yourself and to reach consumers, making them want to see your ad but also not getting lost in the middle of everything that is being published? Brands and companies have to try new strategies and new formats and, above all, they must accept that the traditional ways of positioning no longer work for them.

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And that’s where the ad comes in that tells a story and looks like anything but an ad. The ad that tells a story the importance of storytelling is not new. It is one of those lessons that have been repeated repeatedly over the last decade. And that have positioned themselves as one of the things that brands. Needed to understand. Storytelling not only helps to better position the story. But also settles it much more firmly in the memory of consumers. Now, likewise, it could become the key to function in the advertising-weary market. As they point out in an analysis published in the new york times , it is possible that the future of ads will go through what they call the ” viral non-ad ” in their article.

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The message is really an advertisement, which is selling the benefits of a brand and. On many occasions, its ethical and moral values. The brand, however, appears somewhat camouflaged. It is as if they were doing a kind of product placement of their products in their own story. The important thing is the narrative arc. The advertisement tells us a story in an efficient and exciting way. Which powerfully connects with the public and underpins. The image of the brand, which usually appears prominently at the emotional closing moment. Thrill and then sell one of the most recent examples. Of this ad format is the campaign that renault launched in the christmas. Weeks for its clio, starring two girls who become friends in one summer and. Who discover as they grow up that they are in love.

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