Planning to Insure Your Business

Part of my approach is also to create two important documents Georgia WhatsApp Number List. The first is a Blind Executive Summary of the business that is sent to an inquiring buyer so they get a high level overview of the business and decide if they wish to keep moving forward with their inquiry to buy the business.

How Can Business Consulting Help Struggling Companies

If the buyer wants more information, at that point they complete and sign a Non Disclosure Agreement and I then present a Confidential Business Review or Confidential Business Summary which has more in depth and commercially sensitive information about the business. With the above in place, after reviewing these documents and speaking with the seller they should be able to make an offer.

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Business Success or Failure Is 100% Your Fault

Once the offer is negotiate and accepted by both parties. The transaction moves into due diligence where the buyer is available. To verify and validate the representations of the seller and get access to all the sensitive documents they need. I have on a secure password protected website. This part of the transaction. Also requires keeping things moving forward with items such as obtaining a new lease or assigning the current lease.

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