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It’s not unusual for me to approach many banks before getting a business pre-qualified. Knowing finance is available though really helps the seller with their planning and speeds up the process should a qualified buyer come along. With these details in place the next most important step is to put a comprehensive confidential report together on the business.

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The confidential report can be as long and detailed as necessary Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List. A rule of thumb would be the higher the purchase price the longer the confidential report. Buyers have questions. If there are many buyers you can expect a lot of the questions to be the same. Why not have this information ready to go?

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It makes the seller, their business and me look very professional to request a buyer to complete a non disclosure agreement and then in my case, provide them with a username and password where I have this confidential report as well as supporting documents such as a copy of the lease, franchise agreement, sample marketing material, financial statements and other relevant information. All the above items take time and planning.

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