Personalized Email Marketing How This Resource Can Improve Communication With Potential Customers

Why is e-mail marketing still one of the most used channels by companies? Ivan dsouza mar 5, 20 | 7 min read what is personalized email marketing. In a world in which everything “Expires” and everything quickly. Goes out of fashion, we realize that email is still the favorite. Channel for brands to communicate with their users and potential customers . And it is not surprising, since it is, for the moment, the one that achieves. The best results at the lowest cost. Due to its versatility, email can be transformed into whatever we need. To communicate at a specific time, from a simple informative note to. A complete catalog with all the month’s offers.


And the Most Important Thing is That It is a

Channel aimed exclusively at the person, so it gives us the possibility of managing what content will go to each client and if the behavior they have had Iceland Phone Number regarding it in Marketing campaigns by email. . Let’s take an example. We have a watch shop and advertise in a jewelry magazine. It makes perfect sense, right? We are making ourselves known to an audience that can potentially consume our product. But surely we are also showing ourselves to people who are looking for earrings.


Bracelets or Who Have Simply Found the Magazine

Iceland Phone Number

In the dentist’s waiting room. Now imagine that we have the opportunity to advertise our store in a magazine called: “Watch stores for people who want to buy a watch.” And that we know that it is only bought by people who are really looking to acquire one. It would be great right? Well, that’s what e-mail marketing does! Go to the right person with the right product. Here is the cornerstone of the matter, because we must not only send, send and send information about our brand (spam prohibited).

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