Page Rank vs Domain Authority Why Pr Isn’t the Best Seo

Anyone who cares about SEO knows about PageRank and Domain Authority. As far as you know, these terms are very important and worth considering when developing your optimization strategy. But if you’re like most people, you’re a bit confused as to what the two are. We all know they have something to do with website rankings. And since SEO is all about getting to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs), it makes sense to worry about all things page ranking and authority. These two were frequently used as an SEO ranking. Remove Background Image checker to determine the effectiveness of your online marketing. However, if you are still unsure what PageRank and Domain Authority are and what their real place is in SEO, keep reading.

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We’ll Uncover Some of The Similarities

and differences between the two, as well as why PR shouldn’t be your SEO checker anymore. What is PageRank? PageRank is nothing more than an algorithm created by Google. It was written by Larry Page (hence the name PageRank), which is designed to measure links and link equity. The way it measures a site is by determining how many links are pointing to it. Then it goes and measures the authority of the sites linked to the site. This is to prevent link farms from abusing the system. The higher the quality of inbound links, the higher your PageRank. It was a gold mine for many SEO managers who took full advantage of this new algorithm.

And for A While, It Worked. at least until Google

decides to stop updating PR data. Before that, webmasters and users determined the reliability of a site based on its PageRank. Today, PR updates are very rare – about twice a year. We only expect it to be completely phased out in the near future. Of course, this tool still benefits Google’s internal algorithm, but it has become useless in the public domain. And speaking of domains, let’s get to what domain authority is. What is Domain Authority? Since Google stumbled upon its PageRank tool, decided to create its own version of a page ranker.

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