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This, with a rather local importance compared to the global echo. Of the other announcements has in any case become a problem for the. Chain responsible for the retransmission (fox). And for the other advertising brands. Companies don’t want their ads to ‘touch’ those messages. So fox has promised its advertisers that it will isolate them. As adage has learned , it will launch promos of its own programs. Before and after those ads so as not to link them to any brand message.

Advertisers had already begun to voice their complaints and concerns: they didn’t want a controversial message from one of the candidates to spill into their ads. Ads ads as far as the brands are concerned, and although there are still a few days Turkey phone number left for the final, they have already started to warm up their engines. Companies release promos and teasers over their ads, like a big movie premiere. Cheetos, doritos, bud light or hyundai are some of the brands that have already released teasers that work as advertisements for their ads.

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Among the advertisers, many big names and spend a lot of money are expected. In 2019, the main advertisers were anheuser-busch (owners of bud light beer), with a cost of 52 million dollars and 5 minutes 45 seconds of own ads, and amazon, with 23 million dollars.One of the reasons we’re still able to sing the ditties from the commercials we saw before the ’90s is because we ran into them so many times. Its elements thus remained solidly etched in our memory, because they were repeated so many times that forgetting them seemed impossible.

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This is, for example, what happens if someone is asked about the experience of going to the movies. Possibly, they end up humming the movie record ditty, simply because they have been repeatedly exposed to it on their visits to a movie theater. Repetition and repeatedly putting the message in front of consumers have worked as positioning elements for a long time. The big question is whether it would still work now or if it would actually just create a negative atmosphere for the brand. After all, repetition was effective before the 1990s because it didn’t saturate consumers more than they already were.

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That is, the environment in which consumers moved. Was full of advertisements, true, but those advertisements were much. More limited than the ones they receive now. The number of screens and exposures to brand messages was much lower. Now the number of screens has multiplied, as has the amount of information that consumers must manage every day. Not only is it harder to get noticed in all that noise, but consumers also have. A much lower threshold when it comes to accepting extra noise. What a few years ago was tolerated as a necessary. Or forgivable evil can now become a drag on brand perception.

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