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Udima distance university of madrid degree in marketing. To train marketing specialists with scientific training. And research skills acl directpromo we know about relational. Marketing we are experts in loyalty and incentives we. Like to create unique experiences in the media ecosystem. Advertising is one of the key elements. For advertisers, it is the way to reach their potential consumers. And to convey their brand messages, present their products. And convince them to buy. For the media, especially on the internet. It is their main source of income.

In fact, on the internet, despite the fact that not a few media outlets have already begun to implement payment formats with paywalls, advertising is what supports many headers. The relationship between advertisers and the media is not Canada phone number always easy and investment (as has just happened now during the coronavirus crisis) is not always sustained. The media have been complaining for years about how the systems used to measure results and payments are, in reality, little on account.

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Pay-per-click systems, for example, don’t take into account the impact of serving those ads and the impressions they generate. And, in general, the media believe that the prices are too low and that what they achieve is not appreciated. But it is that, in addition, in the relationship between media and advertisers not only the two enter. Between one end and the other of the chain are the intermediaries and these make the money that reaches the media much less than the money advertisers invest in their advertising campaigns.

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So much so, in fact, that half of the investment goes into them, as a study has just shown. The study has been carried out by pwc for the incorporated society of british advertisers (isba) and has followed movements in the advertising market for two years. The researchers wanted to follow the money and draw a line in advertising spend from the sender to the ultimate receiver. They did it starting from a british sample in which the “Most premium” elements entered, as one of those responsible for the study explains.

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“The highest profile advertisers, media, agencies and adtech,” he notes. The conclusions suggest that of all that money. Half remains halfway and that there is even a certain percentage. Of advertising revenue for which it is not possible to know what. Has really happened to them. Half the money stays on the road thus. 50% of the money that advertisers invest in advertising. Ends up in the hands of intermediaries. To this we must add that the logistics chain. Of online advertising is complex and with a certain lack of organization.

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