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Since its inception, it has acquired more than 1 million. Paying users and a total transaction volume. Of more than 18 million. “fen answer” also obtained a valuation of 100 million us dollars. Zhihu live has been online for 5 months, the per capita Namibia Phone Number consumption is 52.08 yuan, and the repeat purchase rate reaches 37%. Luo ji site has launched a series of paid subscription. Columns in its “get” app, and subscriptions are very popular. With the development Namibia Phone Number of new technologies. Such as vr and ar, remote access to knowledge will become more immersive. And knowledge providers will be able to connect. To more user application scenarios.

From This Point of View, Namibia Phone Number

The knowledge economy, or the spring. Of the paid content Namibia Phone Number economy, must still be far away. Online shopping experience upgrade. This year, online shopping platforms. Have made a lot of efforts to solve the problem of counterfeit goods and returns. And exchanges that are often criticized. By netizens, and even cited vr technology. To improve the Namibia Phone Number shopping experience. The platform pays more attention to quality upgrade formulate strict business specifications. On november 8th, taobao issued a public. Notice for the update of the “taobao gifts dispute handling rules. Which will update the interpretation of the original “taobao dispute handling rules. Taobao gifts dispute resolution. Taobao gifts dispute handling specifications.

The Introduction of Namibia Phone Number

Namibia Phone Number List
Namibia Phone Number List

Vr technology to online shopping Namibia Phone Number the concept. Of vr shopping has always been on paper or in showrooms. There are very few people who actually experience vr shopping. Taobao launched the “buy+” vr venue on november 1st, which lasted until november 11th. As long as you have a smartphone and vr headset, you can experience Namibia Phone Number the experience. And any user can enter the buy+ channel through mobile taobao. Because of the concern that vr equipment. Is not yet popular enough. Ali also specially prepared a customized version of cardboard glasses. Which users can buy at tmall. Supermarket for 1 yuan.

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