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Below I have elaborated on a number of important points. With Argentina WhatsApp Number List hyperlinks to previous articles. Illustrative videos on YouTube, if you want to read or watch further. Turning point My search has now spanned over a decade. A period in which a lot has changed in this area. 2015 was the turning point. In that year, the US Supreme Court legalized same-sex Argentina WhatsApp Number List marriage, a milestone we achieved in 2001 as the first in the world. This statement from SCOTUS was regard by the business community as a stamp of approval: not only that marriage was allowed. But also an acknowledgment of the existence of the LGBT community and their role in society.

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Apparently that was necessary. The American starting gun Argentina WhatsApp Number List could be heard worldwide, with the blurring of the internet and especially social media, and the globalization of advertising and marketing contributing strongly. Before that, it was almost only Argentina WhatsApp Number List the progressive brands that the gays (m/f) had noticed and incorporated into their marketing plans. IKEA , Absolut , Apple , Google , and here and there some branches like the travel industry , fashion , wine and beer . This is despite the outrage from the religious right and their cries for boycotts . Shouting is welcome, because in practice those boycotts always backfired.

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Waterfall of commercials After 2015, John and Everyman Argentina WhatsApp Number List wanted to show how inclusive they were. From the local pizzeria to the big business: everyone is showing rainbows these days. Not always sincere and sometimes really wrong ( pinkwashing ), but where Argentina WhatsApp Number List my American colleague Mike Wilke from Adrespect and I saw something nice every month until 2015 that we wanted to include in our frame of reference, we are now completely off track.

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