The 5 UX And UI Pillars For Your New Website

Is your website ready for a breath of fresh air? Then it is wise to include the principles of user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) in the design process. These concepts are the building blocks of your new website. But what exactly do they mean. Yet it is impossible for an organization to make 100% use of UX, because the concept is so large and all-encompassing. It is therefore important to formulate a problem statement. What do you really want to tackle within your website to increase user-friendliness? So don’t be afraid to do research on this. Take a look at the behavior and needs of your target audience.

User Interface (UI)

The literal translation of user interface is user environment. Where Azerbaijan Mobile Number user experience is mainly influenced from ‘inside’, the user interface revolves around the appearance of the website. The design therefore plays a major role in the user interface. A UI specialist is above all a designer. With small adjustments they achieve a lot of results in the user experience of the visitor.


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UX And UI Principles

There are differences between UX and UI, but there is also a lot of overlap. The concepts are extremely broad and encompass much more than the information you will receive in this article. To help you on your way, I will highlight 5 important pillars within UX and UI, which professional agencies take into account.Turn into a road and then don’t deviate from it. That should be your motto in your design philosophy. Consistency makes your website recognizable. By always using the same and appropriate colours, images, navigation and use of frames, you come across as a company with an eye for detail.Do not make a maze of your website. UX experts have the maxim that you should find all the information on a website within three clicks. Little scrolling is a nice side effect for the visitor, but focus on the menu structure in the first place. This will certainly improve the user experience of your website.

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