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Growth is also for marketing healthcare, related to health care, and for social marketing, related to social projects, ngos,… Investment in unconventional media among the non-conventional media there is a great concentration in three chapters: pos, merchandising, signaling and labels, which could grow by 2.3%, reaching 1,782 million euros; marketing, which would grow by 2.3% to reach 1,776 million euros and telephone marketing, for which a growth of 2.0% is expected, which would place it at 1,586 million. But the greatest growth is expected for investment in “Influencers (+6.6%); mobile marketing (messaging, advergaming, apps,? +6.6%) and “Branded content (+5.5%) media forecasts the following table shows the forecasts obtained for each of the media, as well as the comparison with the forecasts made in december.

In the third column, the direction and size of the differences are with signs. A + sign indicates growth, a minus sign a worse forecast. A greater number of signs indicates greater intensity in the variation.Luis alfonso ashbi venezuelan journalist, passionate about marketing and advertising and consumer of good content…. Acl Hungary phone number we know about relational marketing we are experts in loyalty and incentives we like to create unique experiences acl directpromo we know about relational marketing we are experts in loyalty and incentives we like to create unique experiences the tone and style of brands to communicate and converse with their audiences changes constantly and so quickly that it can happen that we do not realize it.

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Every day, as users and consumers of content, we are by advertisements, texts, points of view, calls to action, campaigns, brand faces and many advertising elements used by the big brands we follow to attract us, enchant us, and build loyalty. Every year, marketing and advertising trends emerge that surprise us, for better or for worse – being a constant consumer of content also makes us a little critical of the communications we see on a daily basis. So far this 2020, I have certain strategies of big brands that are managing to generate noise in digital media and that are receiving applause or boos from connoisseurs in the field (creatives, designers, analysts and other agents) and the audiences to whom the content is directed.

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Mc Donald’s: No Logo, No Problem! I Start With the Fast Food Giant: Mc Donald’s. Hand in Hand With the Leo Burnett London Agency, the Chain Stripped. Therefore, Graphic Elements Such as Images, Logos and Any Allusion to the Brand. To Highlight Its Most Relevant Products and Show Their True Power, in Its Latest Campaign . The Creatives at Leo Burnett London Kept It Simple and Direct. Showing a List of Key Ingredients of These Iconic Products Such. Therefore, the Ilet-o-fish, Egg Mcmuffin and of Course the Big Mac. This Strategic Brand Action, Devoid of the Main Graphic Elements. Was by Colors, Playing a Key Role in the Design.

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Therefore, heyes, creative director at leo burnett, commented on this campaign. Saying “Only a handful of global brands can communicate like this. The written and graphic nature of this latest campaign exudes. The confidence that mcdonald’s and its iconic products deserve.” coca-cola being “Invisible”. And relevant coca-cola joined this “Minimal” trend, highlighting. Therefore, it best knows how to do it: being relevant and unforgettable. Its most recent campaign, under the publicis italia seal, masterfully reminds us all. Therefore, the bottle of this popular soft drink is unmistakable and unforgettable.

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