Mozilla Firefox 10 Is Available for Download

Mozilla Firefox updates follow each other quickly and look alike… Only a month and a half after the release of the ninth version . Today is the tenth version of the browser. For the moment it is not available via the official site . But you can get it by checking for updates, directly via the software. You can also wait for Mozilla Firefox to update itself: the new version is now downloaded silently. Since the foundation decided to change its policy of updates, these are more frequent, so the changes are not too destabilizing; this is probably the reason why the extensions are now considered compatible a priori with the new versions of the open source browser. In terms of navigation, note the disappearance of the Next Page arrow, which now only appears when the user has navigated back. These are the only new features for the average user.

Mozilla Firefox Updates Follow Each Other


Note that developers can now integrate full-screen web applications in Mozilla Firefox. The performances of the HTML5 and CSS3 languages ​​are generally improved. As with Finland Phone Number each new version. Don’t wait any longer, download Mozilla Firefox 10 for Windows, Linux or Mac OSX. For a recruiting company, it is not always easy to summarize in a few key figures the activity, the business issues, the workforce and the organization. To get away from the corporate discourse of the “leading company in its market is looking for new talent to support its growth…” type , why not opt ​​for radically different employer communication?

Since the Foundation Decided

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At Regions Job we have chosen to present ourselves in the form of infographics. A very fashionable trend on the web for some time to stage information in visual form. An infographic that has the merit of giving candidates a quick summary of the company’s DNA. All in attractive graphics that take up the codes of the careers space where a certain spirit of shift already floats with a quiz, the trades explained as a game of 7 families, the 7 reasons to apply and a series of 7 pragmatic tips for to be hired. The goal? Recruit web and business service enthusiasts, always connected to the latest market trends.

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