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Acl directpromo we know about relational marketing. We are experts in loyalty and incentives. We like to create unique experiences. Datacentric databases of companies no. 1 in the market. Updated data of more than 3,900,000 million companies and professionals. Access now for the online advertising industry. One of the elements that generate a sense of security. For advertisers are the guarantee seals of independent meters.

That is, in a market in which more transparency and reliability. Are required and in which not all players are still afraid of being surrounded by smoke. The guarantee seals of certain organizations function. As a kind of Greece phone number reconfirmation of what is being bought. Is “For real”. Losing those seals can become. A serious reputation problem, which will make advertisers. Take things much more critically. That’s what could be about to happen to facebook right now.

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As an exclusive from The Wall Street Journal has just revealed , the Media Rating Council could remove its guarantee seal that secures Facebook advertising data, because they believe that the company has not complied with their demands. The story, although the chapter is recent, dates back to 2016. Then, Facebook recognized that it had been mismeasuring the content and the results achieved. The company spoke of a discrepancy and pointed out that, due to a bug, the weekly and monthly reach of the content, the viewing of videos and the time that users spent reading articles had been mismeasured.

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It did so after previously acknowledging that it had been giving page results that were not correct and also that it had not measured the video data well. On the videos, the measurements had come to inflate the viewing data by up to 80%. All this meant that the industry was seeing what was happening badly and having a distorted view of reality. In fact, two years later, Facebook was in a California court for ad fraud (the company said at the time that the claim was baseless).

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In that same year, there were also those who pointed out that Facebook data was part of the blame for the bubble of media in videos for the social network, which grew, triumphed and then, dragging down many headers. Not a few media had pivoted their business to focus on this type of content and clicked when Facebook changed the rules of its algorithm, but had they made a good decision if we take into account that the data was wrong?

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