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It will be more secure and applicable to more Philippines Phone Number road conditions. (the ofo little yellow car i rode in a hurry once had a flat tire. Although it may be a weight problem. I was in tears at that time.) at this stage, mobike‚Äôs credit points. Are mainly to regulate car use behavior. It is necessary to use incentives to allow users to standardize Philippines Phone Number their use of cars. To spontaneously and willingly improve their credit. Points, and to carry out hierarchical activity planning according to credit points. To increase the number of active users. In a closed consuming statistical data. You can launch the “city rider” list activity, ranking according to the user’s riding distance. To enhance the user’s stickiness. Ofo, need to catch up traditional bicycles are not very. Attractive for low-frequency users to ride.

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Expand more scenarios, you need to upgrade. The hardware Philippines Phone Number performance of bicycles to improve. Riding fun and attract more users. Otherwise, it’s just “solving the last mile”. In general, mobike and ofo products with different strategic. Positioning represent the open market vs campus closed loop. So it determines Philippines Phone Number the development difference of hardware and software levels. Finally, i hope that while leading the development of the domestic. Sharing economy, it can also pay attention. To the issues of humanities and environmental development. Double 11 in 2016 is approaching. Stimulated by the innovative marketing methods of e-commerce giants. This year’s sales will set a new record.

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Philippines phone number
Philippines phone number

Platform giants and big brands that benefited. The most from the shopping carnival. Small and medium-sized businesses have become the victims. Those tempting Philippines Phone Number double 11 discount costs are ultimately. Borne by the merchants, but the benefits such as traffic and transaction data brought by them are fully captured Philippines Phone Number by the giants. In addition to the short-term sales surge. The merchants who paid the most were unable to settle these transactions. For the flow of assets, double 11 is busy with almost nothing. Even if small and medium-sized. Merchants want to resist, all their traffic is controlled by the giants. Facing the orders of tmall and for the double 11 promotion. They have to bear it silently.

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