Monitor Who Is Spying on You While You Surf the Web

Privacy on the Internet, an endangered species? When you don’t give material to fill marketers’ databases by registering on different sites, you get tracked when you surf. In other words, many sites monitor your activity and use it in various ways. This can allow them to collect statistics or better target their advertisements. If the use is sometimes made directly by them, cookies from third-party applications are often present. It may be Google, Facebook, Twitter, Xiti, ad servers… No doubt, you are being tracked. No need to panic and become paranoid, it’s just good to know.

Privacy on the Internet


A Firefox plugin allows you to learn more and monitor the monitors. It’s called Collusion. collusion.PNG You won’t even need to restart Firefox to install it. Just click Afghanistan Phone Number List on the download button and you’ll be done. A button will then appear at the bottom right of your browser. Click on it at any time to view a map of the sites that have tracked your activity. You will see on the one hand the site you visited which triggered this tracking, but also those who follow you via this visit. After a few minutes of activity, the observation is obvious: smile, you are being filmed! collusion_2.PNG Even better, for each site, Collusion gives you a list of the impact of its cookies. If you haven’t heard of The Artist, it’s because you’ve been in hiding for the past few weeks.

When You Don’t Give Material

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Crowned with a success of immense esteem, between Bafta, Oscars and Césars, Michel Hazanavicius’ film starring Bérénice Béjo and Jean Dujardin has won all the possible awards. Normal that the web surfs on this wave to launch useless and therefore essential services. The latest is well seen and allows you to take yourself for an artist. Simply enter the address of a Youtube video, and the site will transform it into black & white, 1930s style. The music for the film’s trailer will also be added, and as a bonus you can add a title, a director, and subtitles. No embed available unfortunately, but a link you can share with your friends. Nice and original.

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