Microsoft Office for Ipad Coming Out Soon?

Microsoft vs Apple, Mac vs PC, the battle has been raging for a long time. But given the success of tablets and the almost monopolistic market share of the iPad in this sector.  Microsoft could put aside its old grudges and also dive into the world of the apple. Persistent rumors from an unknown source but relayed by. The daily indeed announce the preparation of an iPad version for the Microsoft Office suite. While a new version of this software is planned for OS X Lion (the current one being supported only up to Snow Leopard) for 2012, the passage on tablets would allow Microsoft to have a better penetration of the market and to respond to an existing request.

The Battle Has Been Raging


Unless it is already too late, other applications having since made themselves known? ms office What is certain is that these applications would be sold much cheaper than the version for computers. The cost is estimated at 10 dollars for Word, Excel, Power point and others. This exit Qatar Phone Number would open doors for the Redmont firm, the possible outlets being gigantic. The rumor seems very credible, it’s even surprising that Microsoft hasn’t launched before. And you, will you use Microsoft Office for Ipad? The figures from Stat Counter are formal: in November 2011, the Google Chrome browser surpassed Firefox in terms of the number of users worldwide.

What Is Certain Is That These Applications

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A great historic first! it is not yet the big domination, since Chrome holds 25.69% of the market share against 25.23% for Firefox, but the step is symbolic enough to be underlined. Remember that only two years ago, in November 2009, Google Chrome was used by only 4.66% of Internet users in all countries. A very good progression, therefore, until becoming the second navigator in the world. This summer, it was in Great Britain that the Google browser was already catching up with Firefox : the idea has made its way everywhere! The trend is even more obvious in Europe, where Chrome is used by 24.8% of Internet users.

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