Meet Bobby Co-creator

Bobby helped me a lot last year when I wanted to start learning about Facebook advertising for my blog and online business. I’ve been intimidated by Facebook ads for a long time. He showed me how to set it up and walked through everything step by step. There are a few reasons why I Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List want Bobby to be on the blog. But the main reason is that he has a really great backstory. He has a day job and is a complete liar, as many of us! I even had a chance to hang out with him and his wife at FinCon, the personal finance bloggers conference.

  Facebook Side Hustle

So he is as good in front of people as he is online! As many of you know, I started a few years ago as a Pinterest virtual assistant helping bloggers and businesses. This side hustle becomes a full-time career. Bobby’s Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List story is very similar, except he started helping people and businesses with Facebook ads. Like how I transitioned from Pinterest Virtual Assistant to creating Pinterest Presence, become a Pinterest VA today! Bobby is going through a similar process as all my other Pinterest products!

Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List

Because it’s hard to help everyone (there aren’t enough hours in the day!), he created a brand new course called Facebook Side Hustle Course . I can’t even tell you how excited I am about this course! Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List this course will help you learn how to set up your own Facebook ads. Second, once you learn how to do this and start getting good grades, you can become a Facebook ad virtual assistant. This type, of course, is perfect if you want to learn how to achieve and then help others (and get paid for it!).

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