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But we expect to become more familiar with it in the Cambodia WhatsApp Number List coming months. What about our social media use in the Netherlands? Just like last year, the use of TikTok is growing enormously, especially among people in their twenties. And where Instagram’s growth seemed to stabilize in 2021, it is now the fastest-growing platform among the big five .

For Such A Strategy

Did you also know that smaller apps like Telegram, Discord, Reddit, Twitch Cambodia WhatsApp Number List have more than a million users in the target group 15 years and older, and are therefore not that small at all? This and more came from the social media survey for 2022. The National Social Media Survey is the largest trend survey into the use and expectations of social media in the Netherlands, conducted by Newcom Research.

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This year, the survey was conducted for the 12th Cambodia WhatsApp Number List time, with no fewer than 7,057 participants aged 15 and older. In this article, I share the most striking results from this social media survey with you. Which platforms are used the most and with what frequency? More time on social media Just like last year.

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