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Some products are indeed more suitable to say that they are.special products”, or use the place of origin as the main selling point, such as jingdezhen porcelain.hangzhou longjing, cuban cigars, northeast rice, french perfume. The reason why they can take the “specialty” route is generally because they meet the following conditions. This category/brand emphasizes cultural attributes very much. If it is a “copycat” from other regions. It will have Saudi Arabia Phone Number porcelain. This category is only produced in a certain region. Such as longjing in hangzhou and champagne. In the champagne region of france. The region does have matching genes. For example, the black land in the northeast. Can indeed grow better rice, and the romantic. Culture of france can indeed give perfumes more charm.

Homogeneity Saudi Arabia Phone Number

Serious, and brands can achieve differentiation through. “regions”, such as northeast rice; of course. If a brand only intends to do business in scenic spots , it can also focus on “special products. As for the cloud cakes mentioned earlier. It does not meet any of the conditions. This category does not emphasize cultural attributes. Xuzhou is a famous Saudi Arabia Phone Number origin of cakes. The competition in the entire cloud. Cake category is not fierce (its status quo is.the category itself is not popular); and it is not sold in scenic. Spots. Therefore, it does not make sense for it to focus. On “specialty” or “authentic” – since the entire category has not been made. Why should it compete with poor relatives for jobs? What it should do is to emphasize the value of the entire category.

When the Market Saudi Arabia Phone Number

Saudi arabia phone number
Saudi arabia phone number

Was low, it did not emphasize “buy ejiao and look. But has been promoting the value of ejiao category. Moreover, it also set a very high price. So that other ejiao brands have the opportunity. To enter the market (at a low price), thereby. Expanding the entire category together. Finally, with the advantages of high price and scale. We can ensure Saudi Arabia Phone Number that we have always been the leading brand of ejiao. Yes, if it is said that a business also needs a “mind. Then dong’e ejiao is a good example. Regarding the frequency of triggers as mentioned above. In order to make the promotion of the product smoother. It is necessary to find a high frequency incentive. The caveat here is that it does not mean. That the higher the frequency, the better.

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