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Making money has become an unreachable Estonia Phone Number existence. Moreover, the cost is so large that it is no longer possible to continue. To burn money in exchange for market share. Through financing, and self-hematopoiesis is imminent. This is the “triple door” of profit now that the problem is clear, let’s talk about how to make money. In the live broadcast ecosystem, live broadcast platforms. Ordinary users – anchors – brand owners form Estonia Phone Number a complete chain. How to connect all links, form channels. Other than rewards, and get more profits faster? Hard-broadcasting is “seeking short-sightedness. While soft-planting and integration are “long-term vision.

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At present, business models of live Estonia Phone Number broadcast platforms. Conventional hard broadcast (including screen opening, homepage banner. Hot topics, site-wide push, etc.), soft broadcast (including custom logos, custom gifts, custom topics, etc.), and tailored integration marketing. The price of hard advertising is linked to traffic. We still compare Estonia Phone Number the advertising examples of the three platforms. Of yingke, zanjiao and yizhuan. The opening price of yingke is as high as 4 million per day. And the confidence is 15 million per day. More than 5 million. A live broadcast is 600,000 per day (three rounds of broadcasts), a live broadcast has announced that the entire platform covers more than 10 million users, and a single live broadcast has a maximum of 4.5 million.

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Estonia phone number
Estonia phone number

The same time (from the data point of view. A live broadcast Estonia Phone Number is relatively cheap) . However, it is obvious that users are most disgusted by hard broadcasting. And they have previously said that. Customers are unwilling to pay for the. Cost-effective hard broadcasting method. So the live broadcast platform trying to use hard Estonia Phone Number broadcasting to prop up its own business empire. Can wash and sleep earlier, otherwise it will be drinking poison to quench thirst. And soft advertising and integrated. Marketing are indeed the most valued by advertisers. Soft guangpin is creativity. During the olympic games, both. Inke and yizhuan invited fu yuanhui to live broadcast.

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