Make it easy for users to browse your products

It’s easy to imagine that users will arrive on the product page they were looking for, but that’s not always how online shopping works. In reality, users might land on your homepage or on a category page, for instance. Invest some time to make sure your customers can easily browse all your products. It’s a good idea to add your category pages in your site menu. It’s also nice idea to add a search function to your store so that users can find what they’re looking for more quickly.

Besides helping users to navigate your site, it can be really effective to add related products on each product page. By suggesting alternatives or recommending other products a customer might want, you can upsell to more expensive options, or convince people to buy more than one item.

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Create great product pages with lots of images

Having fantastic product pages if you want to maximize your sales. That means doing much more Switzerland Phone Number than just copy-pasting a  and an image into the page. We’ve got a great blog post about  so be sure to read it and follow the tips in there.

Pro-tip:To ensure your product pages are up to the job, use — it will check your text’s readability, your use of images and your SEO for you!

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Make shipping and payment info clearly visible

So you’ve got a user onto your site, they’ve browsed your products and you’ve won them over with a great product page. You might think you’ve already secured a sale, but things can still go wrong. If your shipping or payment options aren’t easily visible, it can stop your customer from completing their transaction.

People want to know upfront when their products will arrive, and whether they have a payment option your store accepts. So don’t hide these details away on page 2 or 3 of your checkout process. Add them in your footer, or add a menu link to your store’s FAQs.

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