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News – From now on it is possible for companies and Bahamas WhatsApp Number List advertisers in the Netherlands. The content platform, as Jacco Bos describes it, presented various advertising options. I’ll catch up with you. New on Frankwatching Voice in the Netherlands: 37% use speech assistant [new research] 08:00 May I disturb you for a second?

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Interruption vs Permission Marketing wed 5x why you Bahamas WhatsApp Number List lose followers on Instagram & this is how you win them back wed Marketing the Rainbow: 5 Videos That Went Viral di Do you want to make your website digitally accessible? From quick scan to result from case di On Thursday, January 27.

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TikTok launched a virtual business event for Bahamas WhatsApp Number List media and marketing agencies and interested advertisers. During the event, Thomas Wlazik (Managing Director Global Business Solutions, TikTok DACH and the Netherlands). Lisa Friedrich (Head of SMB, TikTok EMEA) spoke about all the developments for ‘ TikTok For Business ‘.

Other speakers were Jacco Bos (Agency Partnerships Manager TikTok) and Bahamas WhatsApp Number List Alexandra Theofanakis (Account Manager TikTok). TikTok is more than dance moves.  TikTok is no longer about dance steps, says Jacco. The target audience has grown older and a new group of unique creators has emerged. Not age, but mindset is a connecting factor.

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