Ma Jin in the legislative and legislby-electionative election. Fu Hema and Jin Doufa

Above all, In 2009, Fu Kunqi. Who  not nominat by the Kuomintang. Ran under the banner of the Kuomintang and register for the election of Hualien County. Governor with no party membership. But expell from the party .The next day by the Kuomintang. In order to get rid of Fu’s restraint. Ma Ying-jeou sent Ye Jinchuan.A direct descendant. Into Hualien to run for the election of county magistrate. Unexpectedly, he  defeat  in the primary election. Du Lihua. who was originally the director of agriculture in Hualien, overthrew Ye Jinchuan at that time, and it was rumored in The local area that the supporters vot  for Fu. Jin Pucong took office as the secretary. General of the Kuomintang in 2010.And deliberately cut the faction.


Fu Kunqi used the county magistrate

To send an agent to fight against Nepal Phone Number Wang Tingsheng, who was launched by Ma Jin in the legislative by-election and legislative election. Fu Hema and Jin Doufa will step down as president in 2016. For 12 years, Fu was unable to restore his party membership. It is impossible for Zhu Lilun not to know Ma Ying-jeou’s mood. What Lao Zhu knew more clearly was that Fu Kunqi had replaced the head of Wang Jinping’s faction. Zhu asked Fu to go back to her mother’s house, which was a political choice that could not be turned back. It was like taking the road of Korea Yu 2.0. It is unclear whether Zhu Lilun kidnapp Fu Kunqi or Fu Kunqi kidnapped Zhu Lilun.

On the 17th, he led the Standing Committee of

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On the h, he led the Standing . Committee of the Central . Committee to pass the same boat plan; on the 18th, Fu Kunqi insinuated that Ma Ying-jeou was the “Emperor Chongzhen” who lost his country. On the 20th. Fu Zhu was in the same frame.Fnd In addition, Fu handed over 5,000 applications. for party membership on the spot.Fnd it was a fact that he responded to .The party membership case. Does Zhu Lilun need to make this scene to embarrass Ma Ying-jeou. This one doesn’t need acting. It is no different from .Someone forcing Zhu Lilun to let Ma Ying-jeou give up . And be sincere. This means that in 2024 Zhu Lilun no longer needs Ma Ying-jeou. It is absolutely admirable to admire . Ma Ying-jeou and eat in front of the line, and do not take old horses seriously. Zhu Lilun may . Relied on his own management of horses for a long.

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