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Fears about the disappearance of cookies are not new and the idea that they were a risky proposition is not new either. As you remember in digiday , the debate has been there since they were created 25 years ago. What has changed is the position occupied by companies. Until now they were simply continuing with it, applying the philosophy, as they point out in the british media, of keep calm and carry on . But that doesn’t work anymore.

Cookies are becoming less viable and offer worse results. They have no choice but to change what they do and how, something complicated in an ecosystem that still relies heavily on cookies. Not only advertisers are getting ready, but also the supports for the ads. The washington post , for example, has developed a proprietary Estonia phone number tool, using proprietary data, that focuses on contextual advertising and consumer intent to select which ads to show to each consumer. In this way, they want to be able to offer a sophisticated tool (and one that is attractive to advertisers) but not rely on cookies.

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They have assumed that cookies will not be around forever and want to prepare for an alternative. Emerging trends in a world without cookies analysts also believe that the decline of cookies will change the advertising market and how decisions are made about what to show and to whom. In an analysis published by marketing land , the three trends that will emerge and dominate the post-death cookie market were pointed out. The first is people-based marketing , already mentioned above. It is, as you remembered, the system that facebook created and that has been spreading. Instead of identifying the device, the user is identified, which allows data to be harvested in a more cross-cutting way.

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The second is contextual advertising , a return to the origins of online. Advertising that analysts have previously recommended. Advertising is not based so much on the consumer about where they are and. What they are reading, which makes it even more important to look for quality and reliable media. Other trends are also in the analysis, such as trying to get hold of more. Of their own data and relying less on data generated by third parties. Google’s empire is based on online advertising. The company revolutionized the market a few decades ago. With its google adsense, it created a business opportunity and. Above all, it knew how to find a way to generate income and profits when. Its service had no basis on which to do so (we use google, not forget, free of charge).

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From then until now, google has been growing and growing and its weight. In the advertising market has been increasing and increasing. It is the strongest player in the online advertising market. Which makes it already the strongest player in the. Advertising market at a general level so much so, in fact, that advertising forecasts for 2020 indicate. That google will have 23% of the entire world advertising market . Of the search advertising market. Google has 70% of the entire market. But, despite this, google’s empire is not based on foundations. That are proof against all threats, but rather on ones that could collapse at any moment.

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