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Down with the walled gardens, welcome web3! It’s time for Argentina WhatsApp Number List a fresh new start for the web! With the right motivations, a safer and stronger infrastructure, fairer, more democratic and governed by the collective. Tim Berners Lee coined the term ‘web3’ in 2006. But it was popularized again in 2014 by co-founder of the well-known blockchain Ethereum, Gaven Wood. According to him, Web3 is very simple:

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Less trust, more truth”. With the endless stream Argentina WhatsApp Number List of scandals surrounding technology companies, but also the increasingly far-reaching digital transition of our society, the call for web3 is growing. In my view it will be much more than a flat version of the internet. Take a look at the insane role the Internet plays in all facets of our lives: from learning to love, from entertainment to confidence, from shopping to even living in the Metaverse.

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 Make A Long Story Short

Then I see endless opportunities and Argentina WhatsApp Number List possibilities. The biggest change is the architecture. From a handful of central parties that dominate to a decentralized environment where everyone regains control over their own data and is rewarded fairly for their contribution to the web. The internet owned by the builders and users, orchestrated with tokens.

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