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Efforts by Apple and Google are direct at keeping app user information safe, and a strict approval process is in place to ensure this happens.

While the actual timelines for app approval are not confirme. A few social media sources state that it could take about 6 days via iOS store approval and 4 days via the Mac App Store.

Apple lays down strict guidelines to ensure there is minimal clutter and that they deliver the best app experience to its users.

Apple has a few more guidelines which need to be followed to ensure your app does not get reject.

A quick checklist for the Apple app store is as follows:

  • Avoid mentioning third party platforms like Android, Windows
  • Even if you feel a beta version of your app might do a good enough job, it might not be enough. Apple frowns on beta versions and would instead want a user ready application.
  • Be as detail-oriented as possible
  • Always check for cross-platform limitations

For GooglePlay Store, the process for app approval is focuse on high user experience (UX).

Google has a Combination Of

automat pre-checks base on image scanning and pre-set criteria for apps along with humans analyzing the quality of apps that are submit.

There exists an age-based rating system that checks the content questionnaire submitted by the developers. Provides the necessary rating in accordance with the international. Bodies like IARC (International Age Rating Coalition), the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB). Pan-European Game Information (PEGI). Australian Classification Board. UnterhaltungssoftwareSelbstkontrolle (USK), and ClassificaĆ§Ć£oIndicativa (ClassInd).

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