Lead Scoring Is The Way to Score

Lead Scoring Is the Way to Score Leads in Your Base CFO Email List to Their Behavior (Mapped by Triggers That Are Numbered Based on Importance and Proximity to the Bottom of the Funnel). Thus. Downloading a Rich Top-Of-Funnel Material Earns 5 Points. While a Quote Request Gives 100 Points in the Total Score. When You Use the Two Tools Together. You Can Take Advantage of the Follow-Up of Lead Behavior on the Website with Lead Tracking to Score and Mark the Most Relevant Actions for Your Commercial Team to Have a More Detailed History at Hand.

Therefore. a Lead That Visits the Pricing or Quotes Page Several Times. Accesses Details About Your Company. Checks the Contact Page or Tries to Talk to a Chatbot to Ask Questions Can Have These Actions Accounted for in Their Registration. Even If They Do Not Convert into More Anything. Lead Tracking at Rd Station One of the Tools That Best Integrates These Two Features Is Rd Station Marketing . in It. You Can. Through the Most Complete Plans. Use Both Lead Tracking and Lead Score in Your Lead Base. Optimizing Your Decisions. Segmentations and Qualifications. Below Is an Image of the Lead Tracking: and an Image of the Lead Scoring: If You Want to Know More Details About How to Use the Two Features in Your Rd. Talk to Our Team.

Examples of Lead Tracking

Examples of Lead Tracking Strategies We Will Specify Below Two Different Lead Tracking Strategies. One Facing the Top of the Funnel and the Other Facing the Bottom of the Funnel. with This. We Will Be Able to Show the Benefit of the Functionality for Different Stages of Maturity of Potential Customers and Different Strategies from the Same Starting Point. Bottom and Top of Funnel Behaviors Can Be Distinguished by the Type of Page Accessed. 1. Lead Tracking for Top of Funnel If a Lead Has Signed Up for Your Newsletter (Name and Email. an Extreme Top-Of-The-Funnel Action). a Good Way to Get More Information About Them Is with Lead Tracking.

CFO Email List
CFO Email List

Based on the Pages and Blogs Accessed. You Are Able to Determine Which Topics Are of Greatest Interest to This Lead and Categorize Them into One of Your Personas . That Way. If You Have Different Newsletters for Different Topics. You Can Shoot the One That Best Suits That Lead. or Even Insert It into a Thematic Automation on the Same Subject. This Is a Way to Nurture That Lead and Receive More Information About Their Interests Without Having to Ask Directly. This. of Course. Can Only Be Done If the Lead Accepts Cookies from Your Website. Something That Today Needs to Be Done Spontaneously Because of the Lgpd.

Tracking and Collecting Data

Tracking and Collecting Data Improperly Can Cause Numerous Problems for Your Company. So Even Though Lead Tracking Seems Like a “Magic” Outlet to Give Top-Of-Funnel Leads More Depth. You Can’t Abuse the Functionality. 2. Lead Tracking for the Bottom of the Funnel This Is a Way to Make Your Sales Team Aware of Opportunities That Go Unnoticed. Many People. as They Get Closer to the Bottom of the Funnel. Are More Likely to Do What We Call a “Hand Raise” for the Commercial Team. This Basically Means Showing Interest in Receiving Contact from the Commercial Team or Talking Directly to Your Team.

Others. However. Won’t Do It Anytime Soon. or Will Be Undecided About Which Service to Hire. but Their Behavior Already Demonstrates Decision Maturity (Even If Their Actions Haven’t Gotten There). in This. Lead Tracking Helps by Marking This Qualified Lead as an Opportunity Based on Their Behavior. as We Have Already Discussed Above: Visits to Quote and Pricing Pages. Clicks on Chatbots. Searches for More Information About Your Company. All This Information Can Indicate an Opportunity Going Unnoticed . Lead Tracking Deepens Your Leads

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