It Is Worth Asking Where

It is worth asking where you can find the candidate profile you are looking for. The VP Quality Email Lists channels act as filters and making good use of them helps in optimizing the selection. Also. Consider that an online selection process increases the chance of identifying passive candidates and set aside time/staff to go after them. These are professionals with the profile you are looking for. Who have an online resume available. But who are currently working and therefore are not active in the search and. Therefore. Do not yet know that they want to work in your company.

Work Well In Defining

Work well in defining the professional profile The definition of the profile of the sales professional that you are looking to recruit is crucial to segment the disclosure of the vacancy. Avoid the work of analyzing the resumes of candidates who do not fit and speed up the process as a whole. Therefore. The tip is to pay special attention to the production of the job description . It must be written. Rewritten. Revised and refined until it is round. Don’t be in a hurry or simply copy and paste from previous processes. Also read: Turnover in remote work: how to manage the turnover rate in times of home office 3. Having the right tools Currently.

VP Quality Email Lists

There Are Specific Platforms

There are specific platforms for carrying out digital recruitment and selection in the most varied areas. These technologies help in several stages. From collecting applications and administering online tests to sending documentation and signing the contract. The fact is that it is impossible to carry out an online selection process without the right resources. Because even to do the video interview you will need a suitable tool. And in addition to the more obvious ones. Today there are also some more advanced and specific ones. Such as those for checking references. For example. Furthermore. It is possible to rely on software that helps to facilitate and optimize the company’s internal communication about the selection. For this. You can use collaborative tools that are already used in other contexts. Such as Slack. G Suite or Evernote.

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