It Is Very Important That The Leader of the Commercial

It is very important that the leader of the commercial area understands what he can do. What action plans he can develop so as not to be held hostage by the continuous departure of people. To reduce Australia Physiotherapist Email Lists. The leadership has to find ways to keep the team safe about its performance in order to achieve goals and have increasing goals . That is. An increasingly better performance. Why did turnover increase in remote work? Although the home office already existed before the pandemic. The model was not yet widespread in most companies .

The Manager Had To Understand

The manager had to understand how the team would work at a distance. Both in terms of structure and the work environment . This issue influences a lot. As many professionals are not alone. They are with their family and children. Therefore. One of the main challenges at that first moment was to seek this “tranquility” to understand how the team would work outside the office or without the routine of visiting clients. With a scheduled schedule. In addition. Most companies also suffered an impact on business movement. For some.

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This Movement Was A Flow Of New Customers.

For many others. There was. In fact. The freezing of hiring and the development of products and services. The manager needed to develop his emotional intelligence and also that of the team to be able to reassure everyone about how to deal with the new context. The new environment and the demand. Which also had a considerable impact. In this context. Companies had to make many changes that were not planned and. Unfortunately. Many had to make cuts to balance the external scenario with the internal reality . At the same time. Many shifted their focus from new sales to relationships with existing customers.

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