It Is Obvious

You start with the justification by following the Canada WhatsApp Number List facts with the word because and then stating a more general truth or accepted principle. You can further substantiate this by starting the next sentence with ‘this is apparent from’. Also read: Why long texts do work (and how to write them) But you already know in advance that people will object or criticize your text. No matter how well you substantiate and prove it, criticism will come.

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To Make Countless Topical

You can already take this into account when Canada WhatsApp Number List writing your text. You do this by critiquing your text yourself. You’re weakening your own claim with that. That then gives you the opportunity to refute precisely that criticism. It makes Canada WhatsApp Number List your text logical, complete and you immediately knock down the objections, so that people’s thoughts can’t linger on those objections.

  Humorous Inhakers

You may recognize this from Toulmin’s Canada WhatsApp Number List argumentation theory . Offer information in layers Hate to tell you, but people aren’t really waiting for your text. They don’t have the time and they don’t feel like it. It’s a must. Even if you send them an email. To ensure that your message gets through and people can quickly find what they are looking for, it is best to offer the information in layers. In this way you facilitate that people first scan your text and only then carefully.

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