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It has long since advertised itself as fried chicken. From kentucky; even dong’e ejiao – although “dong’e” is a place name (dong’s county), but. On its official website, it does not focus. On regional characteristics. But focuses on the effect of “nourishing”. So, why do these big brands that can be regarded as “special products” in themselves do not say they are Malaysia Phone Number special products” and do not emphasize the concept of “authentic”? One of those factors is “scale” – the brands. Mentioned above are category leaders. In this case, if you emphasize that you. Are “authentic” or “specialty”, then the implication is that there are many other brands in the market. Besides us – which is equivalent to giving up the. Leading position in the mind of consumers.

It Is Already Malaysia Phone Number

The leader of hot pot restaurants. But if it still insists on saying “i am an authentic. Sichuan hot pot”, it is equivalent to telling consumers. If you want to eat sichuan hot pot, come to our house. But if you want to eat chaoshan hot pot, hong kong style hot pot and korean hot pot etc. Then go somewhere else.this is obviously  Malaysia Phone Number will only say that he is a “good hot pot.  And no longer emphasize that he is “from sichuan. (ps, the slogan of “hot pot from sichuan” was very good when haidilao was small. It can build consumer awareness at once) of course. It is because of their large scale that they give up the concepts of “authentic” and “specialty”.

There Is Indeed Malaysia Phone Number

Malaysia phone number
Malaysia phone number

A suspicion of “results leading to reasons . After all, any brand starts from a small scale, rather than a single brand. Famous brand. The more important factor is actually the “incentive”. 1. Geographical incentives vs other incentives the so-called special product. Actually refers to: a unique or particularly famous product in a certain place. With cultural connotation or history. Or a product only produced. In a certain place. For example: herbal tea from guangdong. Longjing from hangzhou, roast duck from beijing, ejiao from dong’e, hot pot from.sichuan and chongqing… it uses location as a trigger. For a product —for example: when people think. Of a place, they are more likely to think. Of the product; or because people like a place. They are more likely to like the product there.

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