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It can be weekly or even daily in the case of more critical or new Communication Directors Email Lists. Analyze: When identifying relevant situations. Deepen understanding by diving into the details. Optimize: Adjust campaigns according to the needs identified in the analysis. Wait to understand the effect of the changes before changing again. Once the campaign is complete. It’s time to: Learning: what improved and what worsened the results? Start Over: Apply this experience to start an even better campaign. How to start performance analysis? Step 1: Forget the details and start with the digital funnel by analyzing the performance of all channels together .

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And their respective metrics. Step 2: Understand the variations that occurred in the campaign. Positive or negative. Compare current performance with the previous period. Step 3: Analyze the individual performance of each marketing channel. Also guided by variations. Step 4: Dive into the numbers details to understand the reasons for the variations. Which could be due to seasonality. Auction (competition). Saturation or changes made to campaigns. Funil digital alta performance marketing digital Print screen Funil Digital do ekyte Data-Driven Marketing What are the reasons for performance variations? Variations in metrics and results between periods are the starting point to analyze. Because as mentioned before.

Communication Directors Email Lists

A Campaign Generates Millions

There are internal (campaign) and external (market) reasons for campaigns to fluctuate in performance. Campaign performance reasons for variations Ideas for optimizing campaigns Continuing the previous step. After analyzing and understanding what is happening. The analyst’s experience to take actions enters. This is the most advanced part of digital marketing. So it’s really complex. Here are some examples of actions to optimize campaigns: Change campaign goals. Increase or reduce audience size. Change audience targeting. * Review keywords. Change the campaign type. ** Create new ads. Stop less effective ads. Diverting budget between campaigns and media. Change campaign days or times. Review the sales pitch. Improve conversion targets. *

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