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Neither of the two – and we continue on those same dates – cut advertising in its first starting hour. The clear paradox of those early days with respect to television was that. The hearings were the highest of what they had registered in a traditional way and a blow of change after a couple of years of debacle, but they were not monetizing that pull. The spanish were sitting in front of the tv, consuming all the possible information, but the brands were not really monetizing all those viewings. Now, another paradoxical reality could be pointed out. Beyond the fact that consumers do want ads and they want them related to the coronavirus, they are noticing that they are seeing more advertising than usual.

Maybe they used to pay less attention to ads? Or maybe it is because they are watching tv when before they used other channels of content? 40% see more ads although 4 out of 10 respondents in the last wave in spain of gfk on consumers Brazil phone number and covid 19 make it clear that they are already saturated by the excess of information about the coronavirus (they suffer from infodemic, the new buzzword), television continues to position itself very strong.

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Tv is, they point out in the gfk conclusions , the preferred channel as a companion during confinement. And if we’re watching tv, we’re watching commercials. 40% of those surveyed point out that these weeks they have been “Consuming a greater amount of advertising than they are used to”. The percentage is much higher than those who position themselves on the other side. 12% say that the amount of advertising they process is less than what they usually consume.

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As they point out in the gfk conclusions, these days are, therefore. A very good opportunity for advertisers in general. And brands in particular to gain visibility” before audiences that are broader. Than usual. And, possibly, they also have. One could add, population groups. That are not the usual ones sitting in front of the traditional media. Acl directpromo we know about relational marketing we are expert.S in loyalty and incentives we like to create unique experiences. Acl directpromo we know about relational marketing we. Are experts in loyalty and incentives we like to create. Unique experiences “Play for the world”, nike ‘s campaign that appeals to those. Who continue to play sports in their living room.

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Hallway or basement, has been the winner of the month of april in the united states, according to the acuityads report , with more than 25 million views. It is followed by tractor supply co , a distribution chain for diy, construction or gardening material, with 20 million views; while colgate closes the top 3 with its “Our smiles keep us together” campaign. The top 10 has accumulated more than 135 million views of its main ads during april alone. This monthly report is carried out through the true reach? Measurement platform . Of acuityads, which analyzes the participation indicators of

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