Internet Explorer the Browser You Loved to Hate

Microsoft definitely does not lack self-mockery! A year ago, the firm set up a countdown to guide us towards the extermination of Internet Explorer .  Its browser now outdated and hated by all. It does it again with the very parodic site. “The browser you loved to hate” to promote the new version of Internet Explorer. It is of course the past that makes all the difference here: Microsoft promises that with IE9, you will FINALLY appreciate its browser. Let’s see… browser_you_loved_to_hate.JPG The video on the site mocks the arguments of anti-Internet Explorer…

Yes, those that people who have switched to the side of Firefox or Chrome use to push those around them to do the same. Microsoft parodies them by confining them to obsession. Funny ! The video comes with absurd graphics explaining that what used to be boring and cheesy can become the pinnacle of cool. For example: communication by birds (from the carrier pigeon to Twitter), difficult to use bicycles (from the big Bi to the current obsession with fixed gears) etc.

Microsoft Definitely Does Not Lack Self


More seriously, Microsoft returns to the articles of specialized blogs and online press, and the tweets which sing the praises of the browser. This one would be much more Pakistan Phone Number List modern and would finally correspond to the current standards in force… Personally, I remain faithful to Chrome, but perhaps the site will make you want to test Microsoft’s latest achievement. Internet Exporer 9, redemption? The website The browser you loved to hate. No, there will be no Android…. For one of the next OS updates (version 6.0), starting with k and bearing a cake name (as is tradition at google).

The kouglof will also have been boycotted. It should logically be Android Key Lime Pie, a very American choice… But you never give up when you’re a Breton. They don’t want our specialties? So give us an extension! The .bzh will be fine, thank you. breton flag This “fight” is not new for Brittany, which is determined to promote itself through this extension.

The Video on the Site Mocks

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The idea had been put forward in 2004 by the deputy of Finistère Christian Ménard. And had since caused a lot of ink to flow… Three years ago, the region thought it was on the right track with 18,000 signatures on a dedicated petition and a review of the request by ICANN, the body responsible for delivering these famous extensions. All supported by leading politicians, starting with the President of the Republic. But no… Never mind, we left for a ride. The Brittany region has just resubmitted a request to ICANN, with all the same 235,000 euros in application fees .

Everything is supported by an association, , which has already collected more than 20,000 supporters. Well, we still wonder if this excess of energy and this budget could not be devoted to something more constructive in the digital sector, but hey… The .bzh extension could arrive in 2013, we will see what what will it give!

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