Internet Access and Use Around the World

Access to the Internet and the uses of Internet users are very varied in the world. Currently, about 30% of the world’s population has access to the Internet; but the proportion of connected people differs according to the continents. If nearly 80% of North Americans have access to the Internet, only 11% of Africans have this chance. France is the second European country in terms of penetration rate.

The time spent online also depends on the country: if the average is 16 hours per month. American Internet users spend no less than 32 hours online each month! In terms of Internet use, the use of social media is more important than research (22% against 21% of time spent online). This is followed logically by the reading of content (excluding videos, music, etc.) and the processing of emails.

Access to the Internet and the Uses


The most visited sites are Google (more than a billion daily requests) then Facebook. Certain disparities characterize the countries in terms of use: a Brazilian has an average of 481 friends on social networks, when the Japanese average is 29 friends. Finally, it should Armenia Phone Number List be noted that the services that are currently developing the most are geolocation, podcast television and the management of bank accounts via the Internet. More than two years after the release of Windows Seven.

Microsoft is preparing to launch the new version of its operating system. If no official release date has filtered for the moment, the final version should be available at the end of 2012: Hewlett-Packard recently announced plans for PCs equipped with the new system at the end of the year. Until now, only developers could test the product; now everyone can do it, the beta version is available for download (consumer preview).

In Terms of Internet Use

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When Windows unveils an operating system, it’s often all or nothing: if Seven was rather well received, it’s also because it made people forget the failure of Windows Vista. The main novelties and characteristics of Microsoft’s future operating system are as follows: A new logo: for each version, the Windows logo changes slightly. Since Windows 3.1, however, we find the wavy window with four colors. The Windows 8 logo is sharper, and matches the Metro style with its clean lines.  The device has been around for a long time on Linux distributions.

A new interface, Metro: graphically, Windows 8 is a turning point. Some users preferred to stay on Windows XP rather than switch to Windows Seven, because they were used to this system. The visual changes induced by Windows 8 with the Metro interface are undoubtedly more numerous. However, it will still be possible to switch to the classic system view.

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