Infographic: the battle for privacy

Google recently modified its confidentiality policy , to make it simpler, and above all to unify all of its services. There were no less than 70 different rules… Changes which will be effective very soon, on March 1, 2012. Protection privacy on the Internet has become an increasingly sensitive subject. And to which we pay particular attention on social networks, on which we can reveal a lot of personal information. The problem is not so much what we reveal in all conscience, but rather the use of data, sometimes abusive, often vague.

Latest example: Facebook would not really delete photos that users delete, andsnapshots deleted several months or even years ago have been discovered , still online. A sensitive subject, therefore, well addressed in this infographic which deals with a large amount of data. In particular, she returns to a few scandals involving Facebook and Google: the change in Facebook’s default settings, switching from private to public mode without notifying its users.

Google Recently Modified Its Confidentiality Policy


Troubled liaisons with advertisers, the collection of personal information by Google Street View… It’s messy! By the way, whether on social media or elsewhere, remember that you must also be careful about the information you make freely available: identity theft affects Czech Republic Phone Number List one in 10 American citizens. To protect yourself against data theft personal, the infographic summarizes some basic rules.

Well, reading the terms of use of all the services you use will take a little time… When you see the importance of Google today in our daily tasks (searches, emails, etc.), it’s hard to imagine that the company didn’t exist 15 years ago. In an animated infographic, you will be able to (re)discover the history of Google, and the technological advances since 1995. That year, Larry Page was 22 years old, and planned to do a doctorate in computer science at the University of Stanford where he meets Sergey Brin.

Well Addressed in This Infographic

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At the time, Internet users were only 16 million in the world! The following year, they launched BackRub: an indexing robot that ranks pages according to the links that connect them. But in 1997, the project became too powerful for Stanford’s servers, and was renamed Google by its two founders. The rest of the adventure is impressive. Sun Microsystems invested 100,000 dollars in 1998, Sequoia Capital and Kleiner Perkins no less than 25 million the following year. At that time, Google operated with just 11 employees. Today, the company announces revenues corresponding to more than 7 billion dollars, for more than 30,000 employees. Dominating the search market is no longer enough for it, Google now wants to counter Facebook with Google+, and launch its own online music offer to counter iTunes. Will success always be there?

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