Infographic: How to Search Well on Google

It doesn’t seem like much, and yet, doing a successful Google search can be complicated. A recent study even showed that. Only of students at the University of Illinois in the United States were able to construct a “reasonably well executed” query. Too bad for the remaining 75%… This infographic therefore includes some very useful advice to make it easier to find what you want on the Internet. It is mainly intended for students carrying out research work, but everyone will benefit from it! For example, asking a question to Google is useless (and yet, we meet quite often). It is rather necessary to target the keywords according to what we wish to find. The infographic also gives Google commands which should make your life easier, if you didn’t know them.

It Doesn’t Seem Like Much


Writing your query in quotation marks will allow you to search on this exact expression. Typing the sign – before will exclude these words. Searching a particular Slovenia Phone Number website will be possible by typing site. Since then, the small start-up has made its way, and has recently achieved a nice fundraising. To find out more, we interviewed Alexandre Lalande, editor of You See Mii. But first, a little presentation of the service! You see mii You See Mii allows you to establish an index of your digital identity on the web, whether it is an individual or a company. I see you shudder thinking about Klout or that sort of thing, but the reality here is quite different!

A Recent Study Even Showed

Slovenia Phone Number List
Slovenia Phone Number List


Here, it is a question of measuring the effectiveness of its online presence by relying on multiple media: we will speak more of visibility than of influence. The interest for an individual is that You See Mii constitutes a good starting point for an inventory of his online presence: where do people talk about me? what traces have I left online? To do this, You See Mii analyzes multiple media: social networks, blogs, forums, videos… and returns the most relevant results.

But without bringing up things a little unpleasant like his home address or his telephone number: we are more in the audit than in the exhaustiveness. Accounts on social networks are also analyzed, with for example the increase in the number of followers on Twitter. You see mii The search is valid for individuals and brands, the results will be somewhat different whether one chooses one or the other option.

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