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First, threatened by corporate layoffs, highly capable men and women are looking for ways to diversify their income. Quite a few have asked themselves, “why go back to a corporation, even if I can find one to hire me, and risk being cut by the same layoff axe in a couple of years? Why not become an Independent Contractor?” Second, not everyone laid off was “dead wood”.

Reaping the Benefits of Working

When companies cut their ranks by tens of thousands, they also cut thousands Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List who were productive. They need to hang on to the productivity of the people they did not keep. So they started scrambling to find Independent Contractors to reach their market Third, since the early 90’s, the introduction of the personal computer and soon after, the internet have allowed small, part-time businesses with few or no employees to compete on a level playing field with anyone in the world.

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With a Volunteer Business Mentor

Some of the smartest businessmen in the world have found a unique way to harness these trends to their advantage. This is where MLM and e-commerce come in. Successful business models that harness the power of the internet and e-commerce along with the concept of independent contractors has made MLM companies a major power house in business today.

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