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According to their conclusions, the news during this crisis acts as a kind of mirror of values ​​on the announcements. The positive perception they generate in those who read them has an echo in how consumers perceive the brands that are advertised in them. In general, media users give news content the qualities of connected, informative, with a public spirit, trustworthy, without expiration and quality. The brands that advertised in that environment were positioned as never expired, connected and trusted.

To this, one of those responsible for the study. Adds that previous neuromarketing studies have. Shown that when content reinforces a perception. Of a certain strength, a certain value, it is more likely that this value will end. Up being Belgium phone number in that advertiser. That is, if the advertisement appears in a reference medium. With a certain clear identity and that readers connect. With certain values ​​and qualities, it is more likely that these will be filtered. Into the perception of the brands.

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The value of the reference means in addition, the threat of fake news and the fear of false information has made internet users value more the content of media considered premium. The perception of them has been refined, which also impacts how the ads are seen. Therefore, the experts conclude, stopping advertising in these times is not necessarily a good idea. They recognize that advertisers will continue to fear the effect that such a negative theme can have on their ads, but what marketers need to consider these days is how to find the balance and above all how to make a strategy that fits the situation.

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You have to choose safe media, take care of the context and make creativities that adjust to this new environment.Acl directpromo we know about relational marketing we are experts in loyalty and incentives we like to create unique experiences datacentric databases of companies no. 1 in the market updated data of more than 3,900,000 million companies and professionals. Access now when the coronavirus crisis began and television was recording historical maximums in viewing times, I asked one of those viewers who spent the day sitting in front of the tv as in the statistics how she was perceiving things. Was she following more shows than usual? And she was seeing more ads than ever? The first question had a clear answer.

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Of course she was. She was devoting hours and hours to following. The programs of different networks. Jumping from one program to another and spending more time. Than ever on the 24-hour channel. The second was no longer so clear. In the hour after I asked him the question. He confessed to me that “Now that you mention it” he wasn’t seeing more advertising than ever. The shows had fewer commercial breaks than ever, actually. Verifying it by watching the. Two private morning shows on a rewind system. The two channels with commercials, waiting to pause. When the commercial break was in its first hour of broadcast. Showed that the experiment was unsuccessful.

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