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The function of websites is to act as a salesperson. In a way. Much of the information that sales forces use on a daily basis is also transmitted through the website. When it is well planned and the Owner/Partner/Shareholder Email Lists is of quality. It allows potential customers to get to know your product. The company and even the market in which it operates. But websites are not really human sellers. Even with chatbots and virtual assistants. They remain relatively static storefronts. The customer browses the website alone looking for the information he needs and. If he doesn’t find it in a few seconds . He gives up. This is where microcopy comes in – something you probably already use and never really thought about! What is Microcopy?

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O microcopy no Marketing O microcopy no Marketing Digital How to write this style of copy? Small tips for writing Microcopy? Top 4 reasons to use Microcopy What is Microcopy? The microcopy are small phrases strategically placed in buttons. Forms. Pop-ups. Search fields. Text balloons. Among others. To contextualize the user and indicate what he has to do. Has there been light yet? It’s the least glamorous part of Content Marketing. But it’s absolutely essential to guide the customer as they navigate your site. Microcopy also encompasses those key phrases that condense the benefit of the brand or a product. Therefore. It improves the user experience while cementing the brand image.

Owner/Partner/Shareholder Email Lists

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O microcopy no Marketing Digital Almost all websites have microcopy. Whether it was strategic or not. In the case of outmarketing. We recognize the complexity of Digital Marketing and we know that a large part of our visitors are not from the area. As such. We try to contextualize and guide the next steps as much as possible. The CTA “Where to start in Marketing?” Represents one of the most frequently asked questions by our team. When reading this copy. A user unfamiliar with Digital Marketing understands that that page clarifies their doubts. On the page. We once again provide some information about Marketing Consulting or Content Marketing. Without specific terms or marketing slang.

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