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So those who are chronically distracted are less likely to notice and. Remember the information put in front of them. Once the ‘problem’. Has been detected, the next thing is to think about how to solve. It and what measures to take so that brands can. Design effective digital campaigns that solve this problem and guarantee that. The impressions are seen by users. And how to achieve it? Firstly, by adapting to this. Multitasking target audience and its particularities. To this end, the use of dynamic advertising has been shown to be highly effective. Since it has the potential to combine, in real time.

The visual and substantive elements of impressions according to the behavior and circumstances of each consumer. Dynamic creatives are in my opinion the solution. However, important obstacles have been detected for its implementation. The Malaysia phone number intricate is that it is a strategy. That runs up against the traditional advertising norms of use. And the inertia of the past, that brands, creative directors and media planners have. Been trained to focus on a single sales message. To create a consistent brand. But, before this impassable wall there is a battering ram. That is hitting hard and making it collapse little by little. The current advertising saturation.

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Because it helps to open the debate on how to solve it. Get out of the single message and open up to dynamic personalization. When it comes to the best way to make variations in impressions. A very important element that brands. Have to consider is to take into account the motivation of the multitasking audience to process an ad. Since if this is low, it is best to make ‘aesthetic’ changes to the. Prints such as changing the colors or the layout of the images. Thus, with these modifications, it is possible to improve the attitude of the. Target that receives the campaign and reduce the chances of ignoring it.

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However, if the audience is in the ads. But is affected by chronic distraction or saturation. The important thing is to vary the substantive elements. Of the impressions such as what product is shown or. The text that appears in them. . And these changes will increase the public’s attitude towards the ad and. That it will be relevant to them. Along with all this, in addition, the importance of the context to. Increase the performance of the campaigns. As well as the possibility of interaction of the ads by the audience, is also crucial.

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The summary of everything would be: new audiences. New audiences; millennials and young and adolescent audiences. With their own particularities of navigation; multitasking mode. And a solution; dynamic creatives and print personalization. For effective digital campaigns. Datacentric databases of companies no. 1 in the market updated data of more. Than 3,900,000 million companies and professionals. Access now acl directpromo we know about. Relational marketing we are experts in loyalty and incentives. We like to create unique experiences there are many sectors that are. Suffering the impact in advertising terms of the coronavirus crisis.

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