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In developed corresponding product Finland Phone Number special effects. For exclusive gifts, which increased the visual. Impact and deepened the brand impression. A live broadcast teamed up with pulse to customize. The “pulse gold coin” gift to achieve. Strong brand exposure throughout the site. Taking advantage of the olympic hotspot, pulse gold coins. Appeared in Finland Phone Number many popular live broadcast rooms. In this process, fu yuanhui and the live. Broadcast platform were both winners. Integrated marketing is about platform. Resources. For example, in the event of yizhuan. And oli weilan, two couples, sha yi, hu ke and lu yi and bao lei, were invited to live. Broadcast to restore “fengwei cai” on yizhuan.

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Joint publicity through yizhuan and weibo. They also used Finland Phone Number focus on offline. Advertising covers office buildings and apartments, and builds. A matrix of “live broadcast + star + e-commerce + focus + microblog”, with low cost and good effect. Head, head, head at present, the most valuable. Resource of the live broadcast Finland Phone Number platform is the head resource. Which mainly includes the head anchor. And the head content, which both. Overlap and differ from each other. Let’s talk about the head anchors first. Yingke, who mainly focuses on amateur ugc content. Can’t deny the huge traffic brought by stars. Talents, and kols and the considerable economic benefits of fans.

It Is Easier to Finland Phone Number

Finland phone number
Finland phone number

Have more head resources such as Finland Phone Number stars and talents. Get the favor of advertisers. Taking yizhuan, which is good at playing star cards, as an example, there are currently. More than 3,000 celebrities, and more than 10,000 we-media and pgc creators. Force). On the one hand, this is because these. Star resources also Finland Phone Number have weibo social relations, so there. Is no need to re-pull fans, and they can be transformed. Into nature; on the other hand, yizhuan. Is constantly incubating internet celebrities. And while expanding head resources, there is a “herd effect”. , the head star who tried to live broadcast. Later followed suit. In fact, whether it is the cooperation between yizhuan and adidas.

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