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It’s quite possible that many of us aren’t exactly sure which teams will make it to the super bowl finals, who have made it in previous years, or who has won (even what wins). What many of us will be clear about is that the date is a key moment for advertising. Surely, we have seen many of the ads that have starred in that commercial break in previous years and that we clearly remember some of those messages. The super bowl commercials are one of those key advertising moments during the year and with a practically global pull. Outside the us, what matters are simply those ads.

Within the us, for some viewers as well. That’s why super bowl ads are priced at outrageous prices. This year, in fact, the increase in advertising rates has meant that the pause of the super bowl final (next february 3) will have the most Thailand phone number expensive television commercial of the year . The starting prices of the ads this year are 5.6 million dollars for every 30 seconds (to which the discounts for buying a lot of advertising time will have to be subtracted). Taking these data into account, it can be concluded that companies are going to spend more than ever on super bowl ads.

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By early december, inventory was sold out and advertisers were already fighting for pre- and post-ads. Some brands had even been left at the gates. It is the first time that all the minutes of the commercial break achieve, in the last five years, advertisers. In 2019, advertisers paid an average of $4.51 million per 30 seconds, according to a kantar analysis, making them the second most expensive ads in super bowl broadcast history and in the most expensive, and by far, of that advertising year. The second most expensive commercials were those of the broadcast of the oscars, which remained at 1.95 million dollars for every 30 seconds.

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Interestingly, the scandal prices of advertising for this final. Are not in line with the prices of advertising for sports broadcasts. In the quarter prior to the last final, last year’s, as they point. Out in advanced television , advertising in nfl games. The american football league of which the super bowl is the closing. Had lost 11% of its price. And even super bowl audiences have suffered in recent years. If the prices are what they are, it is because, as they remember in the media. That game is still the event that sees the most viewers in front of television. In the us but also because the ads have become an event in itself.

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Advertising has its own pull among viewers and brands have. Made it an event in itself to fight to be one of the super. Bowl ads and create a specific story for that ad break. That is, we add, what makes these ads have a global echo – via listicles. In the media and ads on youtube – that transcends far beyond sports. In fact, as you remember in advanced television , every year the commercial break is longer. This year’s advertisers and how much they spend in this year’s pause. The american electoral race (with its elections in 2020) will come into play. An announcement is expected from donald trump as the. Republican presidential candidate. But also one from michael bloomberg. One of the candidates in the democratic primary.

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