The whole world, and the logistics and maritime transport sector is suffering directly. The russian invasion and its repercussions are already beginning to be felt in our pockets. In fact, the logistics and transport business organization of spain assures that there are already very expose economic sectors in its supply chain, as a consequence of the war unleashed between russia and ukraine . Specifically, the most affected are the food, automotive, technology and energy sectors. If you would like to learn more about the logistics and transport sector and its involvement in the russian invasion of ukraine, you are in the right place.

If you would like to learn more

Inesem is the key! Our superior and highly specialized training follows a distance modality and is 100% online, which means that we adapt to you and your pace of life, taking into account your personal and professional situation. Let’s go there! Russia, the Latvia Phone Number third oil exporter: first obstacle the first effect of the war in the logistics and transport sector is the price of fuel. Fired! The impact on energy is the most direct consequence. This is mainly due to the sanctions imposed on russia , being the third largest oil exporter in the world after the united states and saudi arabia.

This is mainly due to the sanctions

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As a consequence, the price of gasoline and diesel has already started to rise, and now filling your car’s tank already costs 20 euros more than a year ago. Clearly, this increases the cost of freight transport . Although, the situation could be even more worrying in the event that the united states and europe impose new sanctions, which would mean higher inflation and a brake on economic growth. Inesem business school master mba in logistics and distribution business management + 4 ects credits more information european transport routes: compromised by

the russian invasion another great consequence that directly affects logistics and transportation: many trade routes pass through the territories now in conflict. The carriers’ fear is unquestionable and evident. Without going any further, on the second day of the start of the war, a japanese freighter was hit by a russian missile off the coast of ukraine.

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