If a Product Defines Itself New Zealand Phone Number

If a product defines itself as a “special product. In addition to the low frequency of triggering associations, its effectiveness in triggering. Purchases is generally not high. Take wang laoji as an example. If wanglaoji defines itself as a specialty product.”guangdong authentic herbal tea”, it is equivalent to implying New Zealand Phone Number to consumers.”you buy wanglaoji because you like to drink. Guangdong herbal tea.” however, why do ordinary people have. To drink cantonese herbal tea? Yes, there are many possible selling points for a product (such as performance, high-end, novelty, convenience, etc.), “authentic” is only one of them. And in most cases. It is not the strongest one. However, many people who do special business do not think so themselves.

Local People New Zealand Phone Number

Who are born in the special production area. For example, i knew someone who made cloud. Cakes before. He is from xuzhou, and cloud cakes are also. Considered to be a special product of xuzhou, so he focuses on “authentic” – emphasizing the history. Of cloud cakes, traditional crafts and xuzhou culture. And so on, and it’s sold on taobao. After listening New Zealand Phone Number to my suggestion (preliminary suggestion to position yunpian cake as a literary snack. Mainly for office, reading and travel scenes. Not the main “authentic” anyway), he immediately said. No, this was originally a special product of our. Xuzhou, and the cloud cakes in other areas were imitated later.

We Focus on New Zealand Phone Number

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New zealand phone number

Which can combine products with culture. And establish a certain threshold. This kind of thinking is actually the product of a self-perspective. As a xuzhou person, of course, you will know and love xuzhou’s local culture better than New Zealand Phone Number people. In other regions, and you will have a sense of pride. (he is typical: because he likes a certain region. He prefers the products of that region) however, will they feel the same way for people in other regions? I don’t need to say the answer… After reading this, you may ask: does that mean that all products. Are not suitable for taking the “specialty. Route? Of course not.

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